Audition Technique and Drama School Taster Courses

Audition Technique

You will leave this workshop with a series of essential tools that allow you to enter the room with confidence in the fact that you are prepared for the challenge ahead. Working within a group, you will learn from the choices of your peers, and will be able to fine tune your sense of what works and what does not. From here, you will be on solid ground, ready to add the final touches to your speeches, while having the tools to keep each audition fresh and exciting.

Things you’ll need

  1. Bring along 2 classical and 2 contemporary texts
  2. You must be familiar with all of your text. You do not need to be off book, but you do need to understand context and be able to lift your eyes from the page when delivering the speeches.

Fee £50* 

Date Monday 23rd October

Time 10am-5.30pm (please arrive at 9.30am to register)

Location Chelsea Theatre, 7 World’s End Place, King’s Road, London, SW10 0DR

*Book both workshops for £85

Advice on audition speech selection

Approaching classical text

Textual analysis

Layering your speech

Physical and vocal preparation for the day of your audition


Drama School Taster Day

This day is designed to give you an intensive experience in what it is like to train at a drama school. The day begins with an acting class that helps you break down the text and bring it to life. Following this, you will explore voice and discover how you can sustain good vocal technique for stage and screen. The afternoon kicks off with a class on finding character from the outside in using a variety of approaches. The workshop ends with a coming together of skills and techniques learned throughout the day. You will work through assigned scenes in groups, applying what you have learned to your work.

Fee £50*

Date Tuesday 24th October

Time 10am-5.30pm (please arrive at 9.30am to register)

Location Chelsea Theatre, 7 World’s End Place, King’s Road, London, SW10 0DR

*Book both workshops for £85


Objectives and super objectives



Breathing and support



Application to text


Physical embodiment of character

Laban efforts 

Scene work

Application of technique


Our Tutors

Charlotte Whitaker

Charlotte taught for six years at one of London’s leading drama schools and spent a year as a lead tutor for ArtsEd’s Acting Foundation Course. She is a professional actress as well as Company Director of Monday Club and has previously sat on audition panels for entry into BA and MA drama school courses. She is experienced not only in the process of preparing students for drama school auditions but also what is required of them once in the audition room.

Students have gained places at RADA, LAMDA, Bristol Old Vic, Drama Centre, Drama Studio, East 15, Mountview, Rose Bruford, ArtsEd and more

James Bailey

James trained at LAMDA and is the Artistic Director of Monday Club. His credits include Doctor Who (BBC) and Jimmy White in The Rack Pack (BBC).

He has been teaching since 2008 and supporting new work across the arts through Monday Club since 2013, and he is a probationary teacher of stage combat with the BADC.